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Borsti by MattMart Borsti by MattMart
"Borsti", the tiny little German compsognathid of the genus Juravenator. It was found with scale impressions on the tail, so I restored it with a very sparse covering of feathers, in contrast to its the fully-fluffy relative Sinosauropteryx. Borsti would have been close to the origin of primitive feathers, but it lived alongside animals with modern feathers, one of which is blowing around the windy lagoon shore.
nemo-ramjet Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
Great pic, but he seems to have two right hands dude...
Mountaineer47 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2006
Aww...that's a pretty durn cute dino. Very interesting about the tail-scales indeed. Great job! Especially on the landscape. Simple and unobtrusive, but still interacting with the dino.

-Erin ^_^
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